ABOUT Birthday

Dudi Gift is an online platform that allows people all over the world to celebrate each other by sending and receiving money in the form of a virtual gift card. Dudi Gift also gives the option of creating an event for yourself or for others, sending invitations, and setting a target value that you receive and deposit directly into your bank account.

Subheading 1

With Dudi Gift, you will enjoy the process of sending and receiving gifts. You can customize your gift card to suit any occasion and determine the amount of your choice. You can also include your own personal message to the recipient. You money will be sent securely via Stripe.

Subheading 2

Receiving gift cards via Dudi’s platform is so simple. When you sign up on Dudi, make sure to set up your Stripe account to be able to receive the money. Once anyone sends you a gift through Dudi you will receive an email including your gift card and personalized message.

The money will be deposited directly into your Stripe account and you will be able to transfer it into your bank account instantly or automatically every 7 days. In case you forgot to setup a Stripe account, you will receive an email reminding you to do so once. you receive a gift card.

Subheading 3

You can create an event invitation for yourself, a family member, or a friend. Once your event is created, you can share the details with others via email and invite them to contribute  towards the desired amount or gift. You will have a choice to of specifying an amount and start/end date for the gift.

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