Our Story

Our Story

Who are we?

Dudi Gift was founded in 2021 by Majdi, Maria, and Mais.

Majdi, Maria, and their 4 children came to Canada as refugees in 2017. At that time, Canada had committed to resettling Syrian refugees in response to the crisis in Syria, and Majdi & Maria were sponsored by a group of Canadians who did not know them. This group gave them the opportunity to start a new life in Canada. One year after their arrival, Majdi & Maria sent a word of thanks to their sponsors. One replied: “… Hopefully some day in the future, you or your children are able to pass on the same opportunity to another family …” . Well, how? How can one possibly give back? This remained at the back of their minds in the years to come.

Beginning with Birthdays

By 2020, Majdi & Maria attended college and gained a Canadian education: Majdi graduated from Humber College in Web Development, and Maria graduated from Sheridan College, with a diploma in General Arts and Science. They felt inspired by the words of their sponsor to help others. With time, they came to realize that you don’t need to be in a good financial situation to give back to your community and those in need: anyone can help others with whatever experience, knowledge, and goodwill they have!

Meanwhile, Majdi & Maria were kept busy by their 4 children. With each passing year came a new birthday and a new birthday party! They, with other parents in their community, would get so frustrated with all of the waste at their kids’ birthdays – a waste of time and effort preparing invitations, a waste of buying unwanted gifts, a waste of wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift cards that ended up being thrown into a drawer for ages. As parents, there is nothing they wanted more than to see their children having fun, but they wished something could be done to reduce this waste, while at the same time helping those in need and supporting their community. That is how Dudi’s platform was created.

Dudi’s Invitation saves time, reduces waste, and shifts the concept of gifting from burden to bond, by involving parents and their children in lending a helping hand to those in need and supporting the community by helping refugees start their new life in Canada.


So, How Dudi Works?

Dudi is an online platform that enables you to create an event, share invitations, and let invitees know that you prefer to receive your gift as cash via Dudi’s platform with the option of donating to a good cause.

Invitees will be able to send money in the form of a virtual gift card in a flash! The recipient will receive an email with a virtual gift card while money is landed and accumulated in their integrated Stripe account. Then money will be transferred automatically to their bank account so they or their kids can buy a meaningful gift of their choice.

Moreover, Dudi also enables the recipient to allocate a portion of the received amount to be sent to organizations that support refugees in Canada or to come to Canada.

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