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Celebrating with loved ones just got easier! Create event invitations, share them, and receive cash gifts with the option of donating to a good cause – it’s as easy as one, two, three!

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Receive The Greatest Gift

Tired of receiving unwanted gifts? Got a ton of unused gift cards thrown away in your drawer? Dudi’s Invitation makes it easier for friends to contribute to a gift you actually want – in just a few simple steps. 

Create a Customized Invitation

Dudi Gift is a 100% eco-friendly platform that enables people to create and customize an invitation for themselves or their kids’ event, have all the needed information, share it on social media, and let invitees know that they prefer to receive your gift or contributions as money via Dudi’s platform.

Invitees will be able to send money in a form of a virtual gift card in a minute. You will receive an email with a virtual gift card while money landed and accumulated in your integrated Stripe account. Then money will be transferred automatically to your bank account so you or your kids can buy a meaningful gift of your or their choice.

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Customized Virtual Gift Card

Want your invitees to make the gift a special one? Dudi’s platform gives them the ability to customize their virtual gift card the way they want. Invitees and senders can choose from a variety of designs, create their own message, determine the value, and hit send. You will receive their special gift straight into your inbox, and the money will be deposited straight into your integrated Stripe account. Forget the hassle of having to check the gift card balance after every use. You also never need to worry about losing your money, Dudi’s virtual gift cards never expire.

Spread The Love

Wait, there’s more! Dudi believes in giving back. Dudi Gift gives you the option of donating a portion of your gift to a local organization that support refugees in Canada or to come to Canada. Dudi believes in involving kids in helping those in needs and support their community.


Safe & Secure Payment with Stripe

Your privacy is our top priority and we believe in providing a safe and secure service. We have partnered with Stripe, one of the world’s most secure payment gateways, to give you peace of mind while you receive money gifts via Dudi’s platform. As well as, for your invitees to use their Debit, Visa, or MasterCard securely to send money gifts, and contributions.


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